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James Krawczyk

link Microsoft "engineering" viral buzz?

Some reports of fake bloggers and other seemingly-controlled videos posted to the internet lead some to believe Microsoft is faking/failing/engineering the viral buzz for Windows 7.

4 years ago

November 18, 2009
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photo The new 7-patty “Windows 7” Whopper from Burger King Japan.
Yes, it’s real.

The new 7-patty “Windows 7” Whopper from Burger King Japan.

Yes, it’s real.

5 years ago

October 22, 2009
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link Unfixable Windows 7 Hack Discovered

You must have physical access to the computer, but basically two guys wrote a program that lets you access a secure windows 7 computer during boot-up, and have access to user files and information.

They say it is an unfixable problem, built into the design of Windows 7.

5 years ago

April 23, 2009
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link ALMOST half of testers actually like Windows 7.

Doesn’t this mean the majority of the beta testers weren’t “very satisfied” with it?

5 years ago

April 7, 2009
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photo Congratulations, Microsoft, for finally making a decent task bar.

Congratulations, Microsoft, for finally making a decent task bar.

5 years ago

February 6, 2009
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photo Installing Windows 7 on a Mac via BootCamp

Installing Windows 7 on a Mac via BootCamp

5 years ago

February 5, 2009
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My thoughts on Apple’s last MacWorld

They didn’t do as much as I thought they would. I bet they have some follow-up hits coming, but they’d rather unveil things on their own campus in front of invited media. 

But for people like me expecting the new Mac Mini and new iMacs, the new software and just the new 17-inch macbook pro isn’t enough to make palms sweat.

The updated software they introduced is pretty fantastic, but those sorts of things take much longer for people to realize what it can do. The increased web connection is a definite step in the right direction.

Once that new software comes standard on a new Mac, it raises the value of that same old product. Not a totally dumb play by Apple… now that the holiday peeps got the computer, release the newest add-on software so they come back for something else (or maybe some get a voucher for an upgrade if it was within a certain time period). 
Then as new Macs come out, and existing computers sell, they have a well-pumped value. 

The new iMacs and Mac Minis could very well be on the way, and this just helps keep the products moving quickly. 

Maybe another surprise on-campus media day, or maybe Apple will wait and really load up to counter the Windows 7 release in Q3.

The downturn in the economy has no doubt shifted some timelines at Apple, but we still have a lot to see this year. Beefed up Mac Minis, bigger iMacs, Snow Leopard and all-new proprietary Apple-designed mobile processors. And did I mention that they now sell the iPhone in Wal-Mart?

I’m betting on at least one surprise within the next two months or so. The downturn in Apple’s stock (due to the MacWorld letdown) could be a good time to buy in.

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