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James Krawczyk

link Analysts' Stupid Thoughts After Apple's Q1 Earnings

Perhaps boring to some, but I like the guessing game/strategy behind estimating what Apple will do next (product launches, financial future, etc). 

A little ways down in the article, Mike Abramsky of RBC gets it totally wrong…to a hilarious degree. An “iPod Phone?” or an “iPhone Pro?” Geez, get real dude. As they even stated today, they are out to make the ultimate phone, not a family of phones.

It’s always funny to me to read how some analysts think about things. I’m sure they have several things to follow at once, but some of them are making ridiculous assumptions about how an electronics/computer company like Apple runs. 

For what it’s worth, I think Apple is a keeper stock, especially in ‘09.
Ahem, Snow Leopard? (Please God, the next Newton?)

Anyway. I’m just another fanalyst blabbering about Apple…

5 years ago

January 22, 2009
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